Galaxy Replacement Lenses to fit Oakley Fast Jacket XL Green color 100% UVAB

  • Made to fit Oakley Fast Jacket XL polarized by Galaxylense.
  • 100% UV400 eye protection against UVA&UVB sun ray.
  • Light transmission:18%.
  • Repel coating against dust and water.
  • Excellent all-purpose for sunny outdoor conditions and truer color perception.
  • Anti-glare & UV blocking filters.
  • Galaxy Polarized Mirror Tint Lenses are suitable for protection from intense light which reflects back light and reduces the amount of light passing through the lens. This make it more comfortable for eyes in very sunny conditions.
  • Exceeds ANZI Z80.3 standards and FDA impact resistant, shatter proof safety standard.
  • The shipping charge is FREE in U.S.A
  • Purchase does not include frame.
  • Microfiber cleaning clothes included.

Product Name: Oakley Fast Jacket XL Black&Red

Product Price: $ 19.98